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National roofing contractor and consultant Bradley Gardner will show you how to build your roofing business for maximum profit


Whether you’re just starting a roofing company or have been roofing for years and need guidance to get to the next level, Bradley Gardner puts his experience, knowledge, and contacts to work for you. He can show you how to transition to lump sum contracting, how to know your cost basis, and how to hire and train the best sales and support team. With Brad on your team, you’ll be confident in your ability to succeed.

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The benefits of working with Bradley Gardner

Bradley Gardner knows roofs and the roofing business inside and out. After he built a major national roofing company, he recognized the value of the experience he had gained and began sharing his journey with other roofers.

Among the knowledge and techniques he brings to your business are:

 • How to structure your roofing business for success
• How to find the best leads and close the contracts
• How to hire and train an effective sales force
• How to manage major weather events
• Establishing relationships with the best suppliers
• Setting cost basis for your roofing business
• Transitioning from itemized estimates to Lump Sum bidding

And much more…

Put Brad and his knowledge to work for you today, and you’ll reap the rewards of a long and successful career in roofing.

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Business Launch

From business licensing to setting up your first LLC, Bradley Gardner will walk you through the complexities of launching your own roofing company. He’ll guide you to relationships with the best vendors and suppliers. You’ll learn how to recruit and train top-notch sales and support staff so your clients receive quality, consistent service.

Structure for Growth

Has your roofing business plateaued? Bradley will help you understand the mechanics of the roofing industry, how you can maximize margins, and how you can gain new business while balancing the challengs of ongoing operations You’ll learn how your company works and how it should work for you.

Managing Expansion

There is no greater risk to a roofing contractor than a sudden onslaught of new business. Major storms or new housing developments can mean big profits, but poorly managed, they spell disaster. Bradley will lead you through his proven formula of growth and expansion, from managing capital to delivering for customers. 

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Need a roof appraisal? Brad Gardner Consulting can provide you with a fast, accurate, and affordable roof appraisal for just $750! Click the button below to request your appraisal now. 

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Choose your plan

Brad Gardner consults with thousands of roofers every year via phone, Zoom/video conference, and on-site. Choosing the option that’s right for your company is important. If you have questions, you can always schedule a free initial consultation.

Virtual Consultation


per hour
3-month program

  • 4 hour minimum
  • Up to 8 consultations
  • Get the advice you need
  • Next-day availability
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Site support visit


one time fee
4-month program

  • 2-Days onsite visit
  • Classroom training
  • Field training
  • 5 hrs. virtual support
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Complete COnsultation


one time fee
6-month program

  • 3-day site visit
  • Classroom/Field training
  • 15 hrs. virtual support
  • Same-day availability
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Scheduling with Brad

 Working with Brad Gardner Consulting can be one of the best business decisions you can make. Not only do you get insights about how to win with Lump Sum, you’ll be connected directly with one of the leaders in our industry. 

To get started, click the button below and fill out the questionnaire. A member of Brad’s team will be in contact within one business day. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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